ताजा समाचार

२ करोडको लागि सालिकरामको ह*त्या, होटल भित्रै स्क्रिप्ट पढ्न लगाएर तस्करीले सालिकरामलाइ झु*ण्डाए -पुन्य गौतम (भिडियो सहित)

Journalist Ravi Lamichhane has been arr..ested in connection with sui…cide of fellow journalist Shalik Ram Pudasaini.A joint team of Metropolitan Police Range, Kathmandu and Metropolitan Police Crime Division arrested Lamichhane from office of News24 Television Thursday, acco..rding to SP with Metropolitan Police Range Ashok Singh. He has been handed over to Chitwan Police after arr..est.
Journalist Yuvaraj Kandel, who works with Lamichhane for the television channel, has also been arre..sted.“Lamichhane has been arre…sted for investigation of sui…cide of his former colleague Shalik Ram Pudasaini. Let’s say only this much for now,” SP with Chitwan Police Dan Bahadur Malla told .He confirmed that Lamichhane has been arre..sted from Kathmandu but did not divulge details.

Lamichhane has been arre..sted after a video of Pudasaini before he commi..tted suic…ide became public. Pudasaini, who now works with Mountain Television, had committed sui…cide by hanging him…self at a Chitwan-based hotel on Monday night.Pudasaini, in the video, has accu..sed three persons incl..uding Lamichhane of abetting the sui..cide. Asmita Karki, another of the accused, has already been arre..sted.

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